Saturday, September 5, 2009

Great Farms From Mass to Maine

I have really enjoyed "discovering" farms and farm stands across New England. The photo below was taken during our Maine vacation (the spot we spotted on our bike ride home one day) and provided incredibly delicious corn for dinner at Long Lake the following day and some excellent cucumbers and potatoes.

 With some sample goods at the farm stand in Old Orchard Beach, ME

The farm stand we purchased from in Old Orchard Beach was located in Dayton, Maine. I never did get the name of the farm, and there are quite a few located there (Harris Farm, Cole Farm Dairy, Pumpkin Valley Farm). Nonetheless, it was an excellent stop and provided food for not only Mack and I, but our friends the next evening.

While eating local (i.e. eating at locally-owned, small business) is great to discuss as I did in my previous post, it really does matter where the ingredients come from. Indeed, it matters even more where the ingredients come from that I use in my own home!

My next few posts will chronicle some tasty concoctions that I have made with local ingredients, including produce from our friends' community garden to Allandale Farm.  Allandale Farm is conveniently located in Jamaica Plain, MA (part of Boston proper) and amazing produce at affordable prices.

Vegetables never tasted so good.

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