Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taste-testing Local VS International Flavors

The Local Taste Challenge (Photo by Maisie Crow for the Boston Globe)

Today's Boston Globe "G" section is all about LOCAL food! I could not be more excited reading through today's paper. You know the feeling when you buy something new and all of a sudden it seems like it is all around you -- that's exactly how I feel right now with this Locavore challenge.

Between the Globe's op-ed today on the possibilities and limits of eating local and the G section blind local food taste-off, I have gotten my local fill for the day (or at least before I had my first cup o' joe). Oh -- and the winner of the taste-off? The local tomatoes, red beets, Duxbury-caught striped bass, and beef...not to mention many of the local cheeses and crustaceans. For a full report, check out the original article (with recipes, local resources, and more!).

Now that I've worked up an appetite, I'm off to explore what "local" looks like up the coast!

Note: Do I need to tell you how much I hope the New York Times does NOT sell the Globe to a trim 'em down, beat 'em up, get rich quick, and then get out kind of person....

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